What is ZIKI.FM?

I started building ZIKI.FM as a way to keep track of artists and when they were touring. I love going to gigs, concerts and festivals and I always worried I'd miss an awesome event.

This website allows you to add artists and bands that you love to your page and get aggregated content including:

  • news from social media and news outlets
  • upcoming gigs/concerts/festivals and events near you
  • merchandise
  • setlists
  • And lots more to come...

I then thought how awesome it'd be if there was a way to support your favourite artists by buying tickets, merch, music and more and earning loyalty points (or appreciation points), then over time building a "digital music collection" where you can see a history of your gigs, music and merch purchases... If you're interested to get involved (as a fan or artist), send me a message on the contact page

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