We track and store very little user data on this site. The aim of ZIKI.FM is to provide a central place for you to get aggregated data on artists you like.

Site Analytics

If you only browse the website without registering, we simply use Google Analytics to gauge which pages are used more than others - this is done so we can improve popular services and hopefully make your experience better.

Login Details

If you register and log in, we store your login details so you can log in in future. We do not process this information in any other way.

Appreciation Points

Artists you favourite, buying merch and other activities across the site can earn you appreciation points. This is stored in a history which is available on your profile

This data can be aggregated to create content such as the leaderboards and appreciation graphs.

Any artists that have claimed and verified their account can also see which users have the most points for them and interact with them if they wish.


Find the cookies used on this site below.

CookieTypeEnabled For YouDescription
session / session.sigEssentialEnabledThese cookies are required to store your session so you stay logged in. The site won't work properly without these.
_ga / _gid / _gatOptionalDisabled

These cookies are the Google Analytics cookies.

We track anonymous page views to gauge the usefulness of pages which allows us to improve the website.

For more general information on cookies, check out the following web pages:

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